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    SEO Integration

    Our search engine optimization services are geared towards one thing: to improve and increase your online visibility in search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, using white hat SEO methods and techniques that are customized to suit specific client-set needs and goals. We incorporate Google Analytics tracking and tactics such as: indexing, sitemap creation, keywords, meta description, and page title integration, to help execute this strategy.

    Google, Yahoo, Bing Indexing & Sitemap Creation

    Having a strong SEO presence on search engines–like Google, Yahoo and Bing–can lead to faster indexing and higher rankings. The more pages that are indexed from you, the more trust your site gains. Sitemaps help ensure your site is fully indexed by feeding your content to these search engines, be it a standard XML, or for images, video, news, or mobile.

    Google Analytics Tracking

    Google Analytics tracking lets you measure your advertising ROI and track conversions from your social media networking sites to gain valuable consumer insight. Knowing how many people are using your site, where they are from, your most popular pages and other fundamental aspects can be incredibly valuable to the longevity of your brand. This tool can help to determine the strength of your online presence with a breakdown of this traffic information.

    Keywords, Meta Description & Page Title Integration

    Our team of content and SEO specialists will identify keywords with click-potential and create title tags, meta descriptions, and page content in an effort to bolster the organic traffic on your website. Well-crafted page title integration and meta descriptions can give your site an advantage in search engine results, which generate increased click-throughs and more conversion opportunities.

    Google Maps Submission

    Your brand’s presence on Google Maps is essential for clients and customers to find your physical location. Keeping this information up-to-date is greatly beneficial when a user searches for the service or product you offer because your company would be listed under the organic web listings as well as in Google Places results.